Why Your Customers Love It

Your Customers Will Love It

Maestro is much more than just a personal concierge service. When your customers call their dedicated toll-free number from anywhere in the world 24 / 7, a live, friendly, personal assistance team member will answer instantly and greet them by name delivering a customized greeting from your company.

Callers then receive help with virtually any question or task they need. Afterwards, they'll hear your company name again with your tagline, slogan, current promotion or any other custom message you create.

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What They Need, When They Need It

  • Provides Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24 / 7
  • Answers questions on any topic (directions, sports stats)
  • Fulfills phone / Internet-based tasks (reservations, tickets)
  • Personalized service greets callers by name
  • Offers more convenient than searching on smartphones
  • Includes a branded personal assistance mobile app
  • Provides flexibility of global access by phone, text, email and app
  • Is available in English, Spanish and French

It's a powerful incentive that gives your customers a compelling reason to purchase from you rather than somewhere else.


Smarter Than Smartphones - and Safer!

Safer than a Smartphone

For people on the go, the Maestro Personal Assistants service is more convenient and effective than using a smartphone. In fact, with our service, any phone is a "smart" phone. An average 60-second call to a live assistant can get more done than 60 minutes of smartphone searching, even with voice-recognition apps. Plus, it's much safer according to a new independent AAA study.