Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Quick Answers to Common Questions

Requests can be made by the following:
Dialing a toll-free number from a registered phone number
Sending a request via text to (888) 445-0049 from a registered phone number
Emailing to
Submitting at
Using the Live Assist App (downloadable from from a smartphone)

Simply log in to and click on the type of package you want to issue, and fill in the appropriate fields. The activation process should take less than 30 seconds.

They will receive a "Welcome" email and optional text message within seconds explaining all the ways to use the service. They can now start utilizing the service.

All callers are greeted personally by name and delivered your customized branded script. All calls are concluded with your branded closing.

You will be supplied all marketing materials; hand-outs, web portal, email and more.

Yes. Each retailer has a designated amount of demo accounts that it can give key employees for the purpose of demonstrating the service.

Yes. You can offer any potential client/customer the service for 30 days or 30 minutes of service (whichever expires first) at no cost to your company.

For your retailer to get maximum branding value that comes with the service and for the safety of the driver, we recommend that the cell phone be synced up to Bluetooth® capabilities in the vehicle and that the toll-free number for the service be saved in the contacts under the name "Personal Assistant".

After downloading the app by visiting from the customer's smartphone, they would enter in the number registered to their personal assistant account. They can either call the service or submit an electronic request through the app by pushing the appropriate button. They will have the option of sending their GPS location when making a request. The personal assistant will be able to see the customer's location on a Google Map.

The Personal Assistant Service is available 24 / 7 / 365 in both English, Spanish and French.

For questions not mentioned, please call (877) 235-1411 or email