Common Requests

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Maestro Personal Assistants

Maestro Personal Assistants creates the ultimate customer experience that separates your company from the competition by providing long-term customer loyalty like no other program you'll find.

According to one Maestro client, a customer survey showed a 31% increase in overall customer satisfaction after receiving access to the Personal Assistant service. In today's highly competitive business world, companies must be able to set themselves apart from the competition - this can make a huge impression on your customers. With Maestro Personal Assistance, you're able to be part of your customers' everyday lives and elevate their experience.

Easy to Use - Easy to Manage

Not only do customers love Maestro Personal Assistants, but our clients and marketing teams are amazed at how easy the program is to implement and manage itself. Once started, Maestro provides eligible customers or members with a toll-free number. Callers are greeted by name, delivered a customized, branded greeting with every contact where they receive live assistance with - Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®.

Maestro does all the work, while you get all the credit.

Easy to Manage

One Call Does It All - Safe and More Effective


All that would be enough to make Maestro an incredible marketing and loyalty tool for your customer, but it's been proven that Maestro is the most effective way to find virtually anything. A one minute call to a personal assistant can get more done than 60 minutes of smartphone searching, even with voice-recognition apps. In an independent study, AAA found that talking to a live person was significantly safer than using voice-recognition technology on mobile phones or in-vehicle devices.

Maestro Personal Assistants - Always There!

Types of Requests

Give your customers Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®. That's what Maestro Personal Assistant gives your customers. Wherever they are, your customers will be able to access Maestro by phone, email, online, text, or app for everything from directory assistance, to comparison-shopping, to recommending a restaurant. Maestro can even make dinner reservations for them. That's just one reason why your customers will love us. Maestro provides more than just information; we're able to complete simple tasks on your customer's behalf. Maestro Personal Assistant is smarter than your smartphone ... and much safer.

  • Wake-Up Calls
  • General Trivia and Research Help
  • Food Nutritional Information
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Product Reviews
  • Online Shopping
  • Movie Times and Reviews
  • Event Tickets
  • Wine Pairing and Cocktail Mixology
  • Sports Scores and Statistics
  • Golf Course Tee Times and Bookings
  • Special Event Planning
  • Directory Assistance
  • Dining Suggestions and Reservations
  • Driving Directions
  • Traffic Conditions
  • Local Hot Spots
  • Site-Seeing Information
  • Flight Status and Gate Information
  • Hotel Information and Reservations
  • Cruise Suggestions and Booking
  • Consulate and Passport Information
  • Emergency Services
  • Transportation Arrangements

Your Personal Assistants Team

Maestro's global personal assistant call center is located in our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Our friendly live-agent personal assistance team members are experts at helping your customers or employees with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24 hours a day.

Simple or complex, they can provide assistance with any type of question and fulfill any type of task. They are professionally trained and utilize multiple resources, including subscription-only databases, to fulfill every need.

Personal Assistants Team

Our Technology - The Innovation Engine

Innovation Engine

Supporting our team is a fine-tuned innovation engine. Our back-end infrastructure and scalable platform were designed and built from the ground up so our assistants can provide high-touch personal service with high-tech capabilities. The real magic occurs when someone calls our personal assistant team. Using a proprietary caller ID integration, Maestro assistants know who is calling so they can greet them by name. They also know which company is connected to that caller so they can answer with that company's name, and deliver its custom greeting and closing message.

Faster Response Times

Our platform streamlines the request-fulfillment process, and even automates certain functions. That helps dramatically reduce phone time so the personal assistant can help your customers more efficiently. If the caller needs more detailed geographic information, Maestro also offers a mobile app (branded in our client's name) that includes a GPS locator option. If selected, the GPS automatically pinpoints the caller's geolocation. This helps the assistant provide faster responses for driving directions and other geographically-based requests.

With faster response times, customer confidence and satisfaction with the service - and the company that provided it - are increased.

Faster Response Times