Branded Marketing Materials

Promoting Your Personal Assistant Service

In addition to offering a world-class personal assistance and concierge service, we provide customized material ALL IN YOUR COMPANY NAME. Publicizing the personal assistance service helps give you an edge over your competition. It's a unique and compelling incentive that attracts potential customers to your company with items like the following.


It's a 6.5' x 2' portable display and sets up in seconds.


These two-sided 4" x 9" sheets promote the benefits of the assistance service.


Place this sturdy 8.5" x 11" stand-up sign on tables and counters, or anywhere else your potential customers will see them.


These customized convenient plastic cards are ideal for trade shows, giveaways, corporate gifts, loyalty rewards, and other promotional programs.

Branded Mobile App

High-Touch Service with High-Tech Capabilities

Your Maestro's Personal Assistants are easily accessed by cellphone, email or online, but now to increase your marketing impact, every Maestro program includes a mobile app branded with your company logo at no additional charge.

Available in all platforms, this convenient mobile concierge and personal assistance app features a user-friendly interface that gives your customers the option of one-touch calling to their own personal assistants. They can also choose to receive that answer with a call back from their assistants, an email or text.

The app also includes a GPS locator option to automatically pinpoint the user's geolocation. This helps the assistants provide faster responses for driving directions and other geographical-based requests. It also provides added safety and security.

Live Assist

Instant Impact with Branded VIP Cards

Instant Impact

Maestro's high-touch personal assistance and concierge service elevates your customer or employee experience with the Maestro VIP Card. This instant impact targets your audience and it customized with your logo, slogan, and information. It's the one giveaway people actually keep and use.

Recipients can activate it by simply calling the Maestro call center. From that point on, callers will hear your company name and message every time they use the service.

VIP Cards are perfect for ...

  • Giveaways
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Trade Shows
  • Contests
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Fundraisers
  • Promotional Programs
  • ... and so much more.

You can even provide your sales team with demo accounts, so they can show potential customers how the service works.

Program Management

Easy to Implement - Simple to Manage

Another great benefit to Maestro's private label personal assistants and concierge programs is they're so easy to implement and simple to manage – no matter what size your company is.

Consider Control Panel Option

  • Activate personal assistance and concierge service accounts
  • Change your custom phone greeting and closing message
  • View customer billing and accounts
  • Add employee access
  • Send promotional text messages
  • Service Account Activation

For your convenience, we offer several ways to activate the personal assistance service for your customers or employees. Once their account number and cellphone number are registered, our system will recognize their Caller ID from that point on.

Maestro Control Panel

Multiple Ways to Activate Customers

Get Customers Connected to Live Personal Assistants - Fast and Simple


Web-Based Control Panel

You activate the service for your customers using the secure control panel.


Phone Calls

Your customers call customized toll-free number assigned to your company.


Online Customer Portal

Customers access a generic or customized landing page to sign-up.


VIP Cards

Custom designed full-color plastic cards that include a toll-free number for customers to activate their accounts.


Database Integration

Our technology team is able to upload from your database administrators large groups in order to pre-register or auto-activate any type of program or account


Email Invitations

A customized email with a click-thru activation link can be sent directly eligible users.


Text Messages

Customers are able to send a text message with their account/membership number to a short code. Once validated they receive a welcome text with complete instructions.

Whatever you need we can work with you to create a program that can helps you achieve your specific goals.